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NORTON 360 Deluxe (2020) & Norton Utilities – 1 year for 5 devices


System Requirements

Type– PC protection

Format– Product key card

Devices– 5

Subscription– 1 year

Operating system

  • Windows 7 or later
  • OS X
  • Android 4.1 or later
  • iOS current or up to 2 previous generations

Processor requirements-

  • Windows- Minimum: 1.0 GHz processor
  • Mac- Minimum Intel Core 2 Duo

RAM requirements- 2 GB

Hard drive space requirements- Minimum 300 MB


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS

Support- 24-hours customer support via call or chat

Languages- English

Other requirements- Internet connection

Cloud Storage- 50 GB

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AntiVirus software is designed to eliminate viruses from your computer. Your system becomes vulnerable to viruses and online threats without powerful AntiVirus software. NORTON 360 Deluxe (2020) & Norton Utilities is award-winning AntiVirus software that removes viruses other than providing some major benefits. No matter which device you are using, be it a smartphone, tablets, PC, or any other device, it is essential to install AntiVirus software. Viruses have the capacity to degrade the overall performance of your system. That is why it becomes important to secure the device with AntiVirus.


NORTON 360 Deluxe (2020)

  • Online Privacy– Norton’s secure connection keeps your data and information away from unwanted users and prevents the loss of any crucial information.
  • Online Theft Prevention– Cybercriminals and hackers are out there to steal your identity and personal data. Norton detects such cybercriminals and prevents their attack instantly.
  • Password Manager- Log into your favorite sites immediately with the Password manager without entering the password every time.
  • 50 GB cloud storage- 50 GB of cloud storage will be more than enough to save your essential data and files
  • Smart Firewall- Smart and secure Firewall of Norton monitor and scan your devices’ activities and block suspicious and unauthorized traffic from accessing your device.
  • SecureVPN- A secure VPN allows you to browse anonymously and protects your device from a public network or open Wi-Fi with its bank-grade encryption.
  • Customer support– Call or chat with customer care executives anytime to resolve your queries.

Norton Utilities

  • Gives you smooth streaming, editing, and gaming experience by optimizing the processing power of a PC.
  • Fix issues that slow down or crash your device.
  • Removes unwanted startup programs.
  • Free up space in the hard drive and provides faster access to programs.
  • Securely dispose of your personal documents.
  • Maintain digital privacy by erasing your browser history.


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