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NORTON 360 Platinum – 1 year for 20 devices


System Requirements

Type– PC protection

Format– Product key card

Devices– 20

Subscription– 1 year

Operating system

  • Windows 10
  • OS X
  • Android 4.1 or later
  • iOS 10 or later

RAM requirements- 2 GB

Hard drive space requirements- 300 MB or 15 MB (mobile device)


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • OS

Support- 24-hours customer support

Languages- English

Cloud storage– 100 GB

Other requirements- Internet connection

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The primary purpose of the AntiVirus program is to stand against viruses and malwares. No matter how smart you are, a virus can degrade your system without your knowledge. AntiVirus software like NORTON 360 Platinum comes into play at a time when any unwanted program or virus tries to access your device or if any existing virus tries to defunct your device. Installing AntiVirus in your system makes sure that these malwares are removed before they can cause any harm to your system.

NORTON 360 Platinum Features

  • Platinum feature- Keeps your data safe with multiple layers of protection and includes protection for twenty devices.
  • 100 GB cloud storage- Save unlimited data, files, music, and movies in 100 GB cloud storage.
  • Smart Firewall– Scan and Block unauthorized traffic and users by monitoring the ongoing activities of your device.
  • Online privacy– Create a secure connection with Norton every time you go online, even on public networks. Encrypt your personal data and prevent cybercriminals from accessing your data.
  • Detects online threats– Norton 360 Platinum is quick in detecting cyber-attacks and online threats and protects your device. It allows you to bank, shop, and browse securely.
  • Secure VPN– Secure VPN provides bank-grade encryption if you connect to any public network. Browse anonymously with total security.
  • Password Manager– It is a tool to store, generates, and manages your password, banking credentials, and credit card information more securely.


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