Get Android 11 Update on Your Android Phone With These Steps

This article discusses the ways using which you can get the latest Android update on your system. The Android 11 compatible devices can now be updated to this most recent Android version. This update brings a vast number of new features and security improvements. If your device has Android 11 compatibility, go for it as soon as possible.

With that said, let’s head over to the instructions on how to have an Android 11 update on compatible smartphones.

Steps to Get Android 11 Update

So, how to get the most recent Android update on your smartphone? Well, you may follow the steps mentioned below for the same:

  1. Before you proceed to update your smartphone to Android 11, make sure you have taken the backup of all your existing data.
  2. Now, head over to your device’s Settings.
  3. Under the Settings, select “System.”
  4. Further, tap on “Advanced,” and click on “System Update.”
  5. Click on the option “Check for Update,” and your device will quickly scan for the available update and download it.

Now that you have downloaded the Android 11 update to your smartphone, you need to reboot your device, and you are done.

How to Get the Android 11 Beta In-Depth

Before you proceed to download the most recent Android version, we recommend you take the backup of your system files and folders. Things rarely go wrong, but it’s better to be on the safer side. Who knows if your device asks for a hard reset a couple of moments after upgrading to the latest Android version. So, stay protected and backup up all your crucial data.

After taking the backup, jump over to your device’s Settings and select System. Further, you need to scroll below to Advanced and tap on System Update, and check if any update is available or not.

If there’s one available, you will see the option to update your smartphone to it. If there’s none available, even when your device is compatible with the Android 11 update, then don’t panic as Android 11 is rolling out to the compatible devices slowly. If you don’t see the update option today, come back for it tomorrow.

So, these were the instructions using which you can get Android 11 updates on the compatible devices. Let us know in the comments below if you face any issues.

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