TOP 5 Software to Edit and Create Vector Images

TOP 5 Software to Edit and Create Vector Images

Most of you may be confused or would not know what vector images are. Explaining the definition may get a little complex and is not important. The best way to understand them is to compare vector images with traditional images. Well, traditional graphics would be a raster, that’s your JPG, GIF, or PNG file format. However, a vector would be a PDF, an EPS, or an AI file format. The difference is that a raster image can only as big as it is delivered to you. Therefore, if you try to scale it up and make it bigger it will pixelate. If you compare both the images side by side, you will notice that the raster version is getting pixelated and a little bit blurry. While, the same raster image in vector format would have crisp clean edges and will look sharp, no matter how big you make it, it would maintain its quality. So the bottom line is that the vector graphics are always superior to a raster graphic and they could be infinitely scalable. For example, an image rendered as a vector image could be put up in a huge billboard, building, etc. And would never need to worry about compromising the quality of the actual image. Vector images are mainly used to make logos and texts.


BoxySVG is a software released on the 15th of March 2013. Developed by JaroslawFoksa. This software is known for its minimal and easy-to-use interface. It is not at all a complicated application. The app is primarily focused on editing SVC ( Stable Vector Graphics ) format files. BoxySVG could be used as a web app or can be downloaded and installed on local PC storage. All the basic tools needed to create a vector image like pens, shapes, text, and curves are all present in the software. Some advanced options like typography, shapes, masks are also available on the app.


Inkscape is a software that was released on November 2, 2003. It offers a rich set of features that are widely used for both autistic as well as technical illustrations like cartoons, clipart, logos, etc. This software is open source and can be installed on all operating software, including GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

Roll App

The features of the roll app are similar to the Inkscape. The main disadvantage of this application is that it runs only on browsers. It could be very helpful if it allowed you to edit few small-sized files, from a remote PC. Despite this, this software may not be able to handle too large files too as it is not installed on the computer.


SVG-Edit is another browser-based application that is very similar to the Roll app. This app is also open-source. It has rich and easy-to-use tools that will not limit your creativity at all. You should give it a try.


Vector is an open-source vector graphics editor that you can use to create 2D graphics. It can be used as a browser application or can be installed on a computer. It is widely used for creating logos, greeting cards, business cards, etc. It works fantastically and you should give it a try.

All the above-mentioned aforementioned are our top picks for the best open-source software for vector editing/creating. You should try a few of them.

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