Why Should the Windows Taskbar Be on the Left

You often see a taskbar on the Windows computers on the bottom of the display. But the latest computers have changed this culture by shifting the taskbar on the left side. Let’s see how the taskbar is perfect on the left side. 

The horizontal taskbar 

If you want to know why a taskbar on a Windows computer is perfect on the left side, you will need to know its beginning. First of all, Windows 1.0 introduced a taskbar at the bottom of the display, but it was only for a trial purpose to understand how the minimized apps appeared. Windows 95 introduced the taskbar that you see today. 

Windows 95 also became the first operating system compatible with moving taskbars, but this feature wasn’t used. 4:3 aspect ratio was considered with computers around 2003. But the game has been changed with Windows 10 computers. Moreover, you can understand the reason behind the left side taskbar mathematically and practically. 

Side taskbars require minimum space on the screen

If you want to know it mathematically, you will see how you can gain more screen space apart from the taskbar. It is good to consider a screen more comprehensive than standard size 16:9 to adjust the vertical taskbar better. The aspect ratio of 3:2 is required for better adjustment of the horizontal taskbar. 

Vertical taskbars are better

Think a little about how you use your PCs in daily life. You use the internet to explore digital content. Have you ever noticed the formatting of the websites? Let’s understand it with an explanation. You might have explored a website called How-To-Geek on the internet. You will have noticed a blank spot on the sides’ area. The Middle area of the website displays the content of the site. Reducing the horizontal space is good, but if you reduce the vertical space, the website’s content will be blocked. You know the sidebar perpendicularly displays the content. Overall, the bottom’s taskbar restricts the vertical space and eliminates the additional content from the side. So, for the ultimate internet browsing experience, the side taskbar is better.

Why the left side?

If you still have confusion about why the taskbar is perfect on the side. Let me explain. You can put the taskbar on any side of the screen. The taskbar on the left side doesn’t matter more. Several things on a computer are left-sided. When you access an Excel sheet, it begins in the top left. You might have also noticed the logos and menus of some websites located on the left side. Apart from computers, several smartphones come with sidebar menus on the left. You also start writing English from the left. 

Other operating systems

The Mac OS (dock) introduces taskbars on both left and right locations. The shelf on the Chromebook can be placed on both left and right locations. 

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